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Can samsung implement true dual apps in the same launcher screen instead of a different folder. Its a hassle to go to a folder to find the second app and set up everything in the folder again ..when half data is out of the folder and half inside the ...
Since samsung has 256 and 512gb phones its high time it introduces dual apps for all apps .MIUI makes it so easy not to carry 2 phones with dual apps and dual sim...OneUI needs it at highest priority ..I know about secure folder but the hassel is not...
Dear samsung ,With Covid _19 monitoring oxygen levels very important i would request you to bring back oxygen meter for all flagships below note 9 which have the oxygen measuring sensor. Currently its hidden in stress but it will be great if it has a...
When is oneUI 2.1 rolling out for galaxy s9/note 9 series . S10 and note 10 series have started getting it world wide .Is note 9 s9 eligible for the update ?
On Note 9 beta 4 .The incoming calls are delayed on display .Only after 3 - 4 rings it shows up on screen . Certain 1 ring missed calls dont show up on call history nor ring.Anyone facing this issue ?Any solutions ?