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Samsung keyboard is now very slow after s9 oneui 2.0 update.Responce time is very slow.Kindly fix this.@Samsung
Just updated oneui 2.0 yesterday night.Here are few bugs & advantages i found!!!Issues!!1. When ever i play music, after expanding the music notification,Sometimes skipper gets stuck on next song.2. Diplay quality seems a little bit reduced as compar...
Thank you Samsung!!!❤❤❤❤
Finally,I'm done with this company.Getting Iphone xr next month.Samsung don't care about their customers.Waited more than enough for one ui 2.0 update.They promised to roll out update for s9 in january & they failed.I bought samsung for the first tim...
When you are going to rollout one ui 2 update for s9???This is unfair...Its 20th of the month.Frustrated with samsung!!!Never going to buy your exynos based **bleep** ever in life.#SHAME😞😞😞😞