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Games like Pubg used to run like butter one ui 1.0 but after updating to One ui 2.0 it lags like hell,Also heating increased.I did research on it & found the reason why its happening.It is happening because of New Game booster v .I noticed th...
Chinese Samsung official confirmed that s9 & note 9 will receive One ui 2.1.However it may take 4-5 months.
Samsung keyboard is now very slow after s9 oneui 2.0 update.Responce time is very slow.Kindly fix this.@Samsung
Just updated oneui 2.0 yesterday night.Here are few bugs & advantages i found!!!Issues!!1. When ever i play music, after expanding the music notification,Sometimes skipper gets stuck on next song.2. Diplay quality seems a little bit reduced as compar...
Thank you Samsung!!!❤❤❤❤