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Why is this offer valid only for people who bought Note 9 within last 30 days? What about the people who bought it on first day? This kind of crap shatters our trust in the brand and doesn't really encourage us to buy new devices on their launch date...
I've a blue Note 9 which comes with yellow pen. When I take notes while the screen is off, the yellow ink on pitch black screen looks badass. But as soon as I open the note in Samsung Notes app, the background is white. And the yellow ink on white ba...
Just got a new S9+ as replacement for my 2 year old S7 edge. It had started showing it's age, but mind you it was still a very solid phone.Nevertheless, I've been using S9+ as a daily driver for the past couple of days. To put it out straight, the on...
UC app itself is such a crap. How can Samsung still include their news feed in otherwise such a good browser? A humble request to Samsung to please remove this news tab altogether.