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I am a serious a gamer and do expect some really good performance out of this phone. Its been more than 9 months and samsung just ignores to solve this serious issue. Especially i play PUBG so much.I enabled the developers options and enabled the GPU...
I would like to give a suggestion regarding really good charging feature. Suggested name: Adaptive smart charging What this feature basically does is help us charge overnight without damaging our batteries further improving their life time. It automa...
It would  be really great if Samsung  pushes this update as this year flagship iphone can do this.This would be really impressive  and 4k 60 on ultra wide would get us some seriously great videos.As of now it is only available  for 12mp rear wide len...
It would be really great and let's us have a great experience snapping with the all new ultrawide lens. If this is possible in any way that would be a really great update for all The Samsung devices with ultrawide lens.
I wish that samsung make the dex app available for Galaxy S10 users also as it is currently available only for Note10 and Note 10+ users. Since the S10 users also spent pretty high price for the device and the galaxy s10 is also a flagship device it ...