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The phone dies instantly when its charging near between 40% to 30% . I tried formatting and also updated to latest firmware but yet there is no improvement. Is it the time now to change its battery? I have used it for 2 and a half year .
Hi guys I have S8 and it has got a black spot on it's display I wanted to ask whether it can be recovered in the warranty or not ?
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Today there was a new update released for J7 Prime as well as J7 2016 I tested both devices but nothing was changed same issues are still persistent When are they going to get away ?? Battery Charging Slow Discharging Fast System is lagging like anyt...
Is there any Bug fix coming or not ? Many issues are there which are faced by users of J7 Prime Mainly are1) Battery Charging Problem - It takes 2 hours roughly to go from 0 to 70 % but it takes 2 Hours more to charge from 70 to 100% means total 4 to...