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Such a premium device at this price tag is unreal! Have been using this device for a few days and it's no less than a premium device. Sheer Elegance!#IMPowerd #SamsungMembers #GalaxyMSeries
Just can't get enough of this beast. Hands down the best value for money amongst any smartphones available in the market today.#IMPowerd #SamsungMembers #GalaxyMSeries
So this isn't news now that the M-series is coming. We've all read/seen the rumors around it along with some serious leaks.What is the feature of the M-series that you are most excited about?1. Display: The gorgeous infinity-V display2. Battery: The ...
We've all been hearing and reading so much abut M series. And I'm super excited for this beast, or rather beauty. Launch the series already!!!#SamsungMembers #MSeries
Hey everyone from Kolkata, welcome to the community. Share your thoughts or give suggestions about your city here in this forum.#SamsungMembers #Kolkata