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Hello samsung. Whenever i use dark mode in samsung i found some yellowish color at the bottom side of my device. Please help me what can i do? I have paid 46,000 for galaxy s10 lite now i am so sad. I restarted the device and restore factory again bu...
I baught S10 lite yesterday...friends..its really so good. Thanks samsung for the best processor and best camera.
After updating my Galaxy A50s to the new Android 10 and one ui 2.0 i am feeling the speed of fingerprint unlock and face unlock system is bery slow. Pls reply me fast how did you feel friends?
Hello friends! My friend Rita wants to buy a new galaxy phone...can you suggest me which samsung phone is the best from following?A. Galaxy M30sB. Galaxy A50C. Galaxy A50sD. Galaxy M40E. Galaxy A70F. Galaxy A30s
From 2018, Samsung is giving the live camera translation under the title of bixby vision in some smartphones. But now Redmi 8 is also giving this feature. They are copying samsung. Samsung should take the action. I am feeling proud that i am a samsun...