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From 2018, Samsung is giving the live camera translation under the title of bixby vision in some smartphones. But now Redmi 8 is also giving this feature. They are copying samsung. Samsung should take the action. I am feeling proud that i am a samsun...
Hello friends... please answer the simple question.....Which of the following aparture do you want for 48 megapixel main camera sensor in any Samsung smartphone? And please give reason for your answer.[A] 1.7f[B] 1.8f[C] 2.0f[D] 2.4f[E] 1.9f
I have 48 MP main camera in my Galaxy A50s. It provides the better quality pictures at daylight. But when i am switching to ultra wide mode or night mode i cant get the good quality pictures. Please samsung give us updates about to improve camera qua...
Can anybody tell me how to participate in holiday quest contest? Please reply me
Hello friends..i have baught a new Galaxy A50s prism white with 6Gb+128Gb. Friends.. i am getting issue of heavy battery draining. I am loosing 1 % battery in every 2 minutes guys plis help me what i have to do? I hav epaid 23,000 for this phone. It ...