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July security patch received
Today is 20th of june and security patch is still not received.Hun bhen***do punjabi ch galla likha fr dhyan dvoge ehde vl v ? Sali madi moti ta sharm vr da e ahi km hogya tuhada...kde v time nl update ni bhejde ga*du admi.
Can anybody explain me what they said.. unable to understand SPA and LRPST420.
Worst experience with s20 ultra. 1. Its heatup like a pressure cooker. 2. Auto focus not working for close range pics.3. May security patch not received.4. 2x zoom is like a hell.5. 30x or 100x is for marketing only.6. 120hz not working with 3200×144...
Phone heatup while playing pubg. Earlier i faced camera issue, auto focus is not working properly.I purchased this device for play PUBG game but this device not support this game properly, i think its processor or ram is not enough strong for PUBG.