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It is very hard to see current volume levels, Samsung should give us ability to change controller color change.
However I do it, I am unable to wipe cache partition. When I switch off the phone then restart it with volume up + power button, and release when S20+ screen loads up, nothing happens phone just goes to normal restart. Is this working for anyone?
So guys, I strongly believe S9/S9+ were last true flagships from Samsung. After that all have some or other issues. Quality is also not that great. Prices of flagships like S20+ fell like house of cards after 6-7 months. Chipsets sucks on Indian devi...
Lots of useless people are posting useless ads, promotions n all other stuff here. All relevant posts are hard to see and find. Admin, please wake up and ban these people, also remove all posts from such people especially onlineguruji user.
So they way this Samsung India team is treating us, We have become thord class citizens. All other companies provide updates on priority to flagships but here these people are updating three year old device first, WOW. Next time either we should not ...