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After I've updated to Android Pie on my Tab S4, the battery constantly keeps draining and the device heats up a little even when its there idle and Im not using it.I charged my device to 100% and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up it was 84%. ...
Ive been using flagship Samsung Devices from last 4 years. I really loved the S-Note app that we previously used to have on Note Series. There was the option to select page size and background color. So I could print them properly.Now Im using Tab S4...
When will the Tab S4 accessories like the Book Cover, Keyboard Cover, and Pogo Dock be available in India?
When will Tab S4 be available in India?
I was wondering when the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is gonna get the Oreo OS Update in India. If anyone in here knows, please do let me know!