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Hey Guys ! Recently every thing is on the target of hackers. Yesterday a message arrived on my phone saying "i have won 3 crore INR blablabla". They mentioned a e-mail address which is similar to the name of samsung and someone fool will definately p...
*Take a Look at my channel :- save extra battery life on your J2 2018 follow the given step1. Goto Setting2. Goto Device maintanence3. Goto battery Section4. Goto always sleeping apps5. Add all those app that yo...
What is smart alert ??Smart alert is a feature in samsung galaxy j2 2018 which allows users to get notified with vibration whenever an user take phone in hand from a plane surface whenever a message arrived.Watch this video for full tutorial :-https:...
These are Original Contents Recorded and Captured from Samsung J2 2018 SM-J250F. For more Follow me and watch my videos on YouTube. My Channel name is Gadgets Cracker TVVIDEO SAMPLEPHOTO SAMPLE