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Its the first of August and still awaiting the release of Andriod 12 on the A22 5G .Update was scheduled for July but no word on when it will actually release.Lets hope soon 梁
The camera is probably one of the best features of the Galaxy A22 梁 mind blowing how good the quality looks 掠PS: This is a picture of my gaming setup
Each day closer to the release of Andriod 12 on my A22 5G device. First thing I do every morning is check to see if I got the update yet Looks like in South Africa we always have to be the last country to receive everything lol but they say leave th...
My biggest dream is to one day own a brand new Samsung Galaxy device. Growning up I always had to make use of 2nd hand galaxy devices. Never gotten the opportunity to own a brand new one the same year it came. I mean I'm currently using a 2nd hand s7...