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This post is dedicated to them who are complaining or going to complain by today about new update. Yes I do agreed latest update makes system a bit laggy as of now. But for your info there is a thing called KERNEL which basically connects between har...
Anyone here(J6 user) who has got meterial design for google play store ?If yes.Please let me know how I can get it too.
Is their any chance of getting security update for Samsung Galaxy j6 ??...cause it's running on march security patch and it's july now !!no new updates after one ui update.!!
Is their any apk of Google camera is available for our own J6 (exynos) ? Because samsung has enabled the camera to api for our device . If their any please comment below the link to download the apk, thank you.
I, talked with the samsung chat bot and then it transferred the quary of mine to an agent of samsung and i asked about the update date and time, she answered that their is no official information regarding the date or time of samsung galaxy j6 new pi...