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Guys i am using s10+ i want to know How's the performance of the phone after update?..are there any performance drops after update?People who have updated their device please reply..
Guys my whatsapp is not working when my phone is s10+....Does anyone know how to solve this issue?
Guys i am using s10+ , So would you suggest me to update to one ui 3.1 or hold the update?Like How's the phone performamce after updating to one Ui 3.1? camera working fine?..because i had many issues when i updated from one ui 2.5 to one ui 3.0...
Will there be any further update to solve the perfomance, battery,heating,camera issues which i got when i updated to one ui 3.0?
How Many of you feel that auto focus is lagging when taking videos in uhd after updating to one ui 3.0(android11)