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Call recording feature may be enabled by side keys short cut while call is in progress. That option will help to record start and stop by pressing side keys without interrupting a call.
Yes, the UI should have a widget to continuously monitor the speed of network(download/ upload) and daily data consumed.
Document scanner being one of the most used app now a days. It is requested to have a builtin app which should work seamlessly with its camera and messaging apps.
Except few standard message like in which section to report the issue, moderator has a very stereo type action here. Same text is forwarded once they find an SOS. this has to be changed otherwise there is no point in such annoying reply. I have been ...
Samsung should start a new series of cell phone for music lovers with introduction of a good quality DAC chip preferably from ESS , AKM , Burr Brown, delta sigma. Camera features has much talked about and even budget phones now equipped with a decent...