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After the update, my phone is heating uo quite a has downgraded itself to 60 Hz (although i am 120 hz ) some 5-6 times. Anyone facing similar issue?
Okay, so i am facing this weird issue, where in the battery drains from 15% to 0% in like 2 minutes.. Does anybody else face this too?? Also, i had this similar kind of issuee on my s9 plus.. I am **bleep** pissed at samsung rn.. Ps- Samsung Regular ...
Does anybody have idea when will indian units recieve the latest ATE6 update for s20??The updates has reached sri lanka and paksitan also..😂Is samsung really **bleep** with us?
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Uodated to latest DT3 update through Smart switch. The file was of around 5.4 difference though..