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Samsung A52 screen glitches came back after the August patch. This problem was first encountered when updated from 11 to 12, then after three months they fixed it. Now agains when AOD clock starts disappearing, the screen flashes. It isn't that annoy...
Samsung support service in Pakistan is nothing but bunch of illiterate j.e.r.k.s telling you to reset the phone even when there is a hardware problem. **bleep**
The most annoying thing about Samsung phones is their speaker loudness (especially ringing volume) which isn't loud enough to get heard while in noisy places. Eventhough, equipped with dual speakers which work good while listening some music but real...
After each update, I am facing a new issue that comes to life on A52. Keyboard lags, Grammarly features don't work well now (worked great in the beginning)."Always On Display" doesn't seem to work even on multiple tapsSometimes screen shows up after ...
After 4.1 update the RAM management is so poor, apps seem to take more time to reload and apps are keep crashing randomly.Accidental touch protection feature doesn't work properly. One more annoying thing is when you unlock the phone with Fingerprint...