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Sir i am using samsung galaxy a52s 5g i use blind i have taken the phone its almost 26 days but everything is good in this phone but the problem i am facing is whenever my samsung talkback run it During this the sound starts bursting, anytime I resta...
What did Samsung do by launching the Galaxy m32 5g because everything is old in it, except for the processor, I have not found any proper purpose for launching it, its price is also very high, the phone that needs it Why galaxy a52s 5g is not being l...
I want to know when will the phone a52s 5g be launched in India to replace the samsung galaxy a52 5g and how long will i have to wait because i am waiting for a very long time to buy this phone and if launch If so, how much will be launched according...
samsung a52 5g when will come in india i am waiting for this phone from last 4 months please try to give correct information about this i use samsung very old because i want to get a new phone but i need this phone but when will it launch
hello samsung team how are you guys hope you are very good i want to file a complaint about samsung tts samsung tts which is given by default tts to us by company already inbuilt so use that tts Very good to do but since he got the new update, he is ...