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I wanted to know if I should factory reset the phone after the One UI 6 is updated ?
Please share your experience of One UI 6 update..After Update my phone  works better than previous,It's animation are fast.Touch response goodNew default fonts are easier to see and are in process of acceptations.Battery life  good Overall system U...
One ui for Received 
‏تو آنا سی ۔:: تو نئی آیا ۔:: سانو تیری یاد ستاندی اپڈیٹ نئی آندی ۔۔
ONE UI 6 update for all Samsung phones  in Pakistan have already arrived but due to worst Air Quality Index (AQI) our phones can't download till heavy ️ ️ ️ ️ rain clear the download path from satellite ️  to Pakistan territory...  