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The way the fold can be builtI have gone old school and dran it Instead of designing it on a computer Pranay Bhaskar 
The fold and the flip has a out dated design of the way the internal are been placed Due to this the battery capacity has not increased Both these categories of phones are made of 2 equal halfs The easiest method is to make one completely half of the...
Why can't phone  use laptop&computers chipsetsWe people.h want fast processing chips so that the phone run fast why can't laptop chips be put in phones ¤If It can be done then, the rate of multitasking on phone can improve We won't be needing laptop ...
☆Make a phone case with a Spen  For the A,M,F series smartphone  Similar to the one which the new S21ultra☆Make a 1 new camera which is able to take all type of pics  Weather it's a ultra wide or a wide etc It must be just 1 camera comprising of ever...