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Can you guys check this solution for the random touch issue?Go to settings and search- optimize battery usage. Then select All and search system ui app.. then turn off battery optimization.
Just add a separate tile in quick settings for power saving and ultra power saving mode .. Other ideas I can add later .. Thank you!
for those facing touch issue in S20 FE 5G ..can you confirm if you are using 25W charger? I am just trying to figure out the link..
Suppose I buy a smartphone online from Samsung shop app, then what is the return/replacement time? Can anyone confirm and cite any official statement if possible?
1. If screen is off (say for 30s) then power saving mode is on.  2. I can set all my notification preview off in lock screen. Then a bixby routine is helpful like ..if connected to home wifi turn all preview of notifications (show all content)  3. If...