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I regret of choosing Samsung Galaxy A50. A few days back I got update and now my phone most of the times lags like a hell. Out of 4GB ram less than 400 mb will be available. Even after so many cashe cleans it comes to the same position. Before the re...
After recent update, I'm facing a lag issue in my phone. I have to restart again and again to get lag free usage. Samsung needs to fix this problem asap as we are not able to perform the basic functions.
Which colour looks great for Galaxy m31s? Mirage Black or Mirage Blue?
Can someone please tell what is the difference between Galaxy M31s 8GB and 6GB ram? Is there any major difference? And what is your suggestion to which one to buy.?
Hello all. Does anyone have any idea when will Samsung Galaxy M31s available? It's not available currently in amazon.