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What The Hell Now my M31 auto restarting at least 4-5 times a day....without any reason......since this week...everydaySo much disappointing  issueDid factory reset 2 days ago...not resolved....and the interesting fact is: just after factory reset ...
Got 1st automatic restarting issue after latest September Security Patch Update in my M31 model郎Frequency: still one timeSo, now let's see what happens梁Nothing to tell about Samsung 
Now for M31Galaxy Themes application update available .......Check it by opening Theme by pinch in home screen > Themes > Update....if it's available to your's too.....
Has any M31 user got and use Filmstrip view inside Gallery LabIn my M31 device has this option, but now workingDid anyone has this problem...If any one using and work with M31, comment down below
Has there any way to connect and play two bluetooth headset at a time IN M31 device Both devices connected but the tick✔ mark to to choose both (to play same at a time) is not available in my M31ES Techno shows this to M51 & M31s....and it was there ...