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Guys those who are playing like pubg and some other games which u need to run in high fps can control the game graphics through game plugins ( game booster plus )Go to galaxy storesType game plugins And download it And in inside download another app ...
Guys if any one know to get rosemary and cooljazz font on Samsung one ui 2.0 plz tell me guys A lot of method tryed but i didn't get it If any knows the method are is there is any way plz share it !!!!! 😟
Rosemary font and cool jazz can be installed in Samsung A 50 One ui Seee in this video 👇
Rosemary font Cool jazz font Are not there but some users are having Guys if u have tell us how to do it
Guys if u get any old font like cool jazz Rosemary Plz share with us We also need these fonts Some people who are using A50 are having these fonts Plz guys share with us also we also need it If some one knows about it plz share it Plz Sone users like...