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Does anyone know what's the status of Galaxy 21 Days Challenge winner announcement. Any info on this, OR Winner announcement is already done if i am unaware.OR if announcement is scheduled for a later date and pending ?
My Dog is excited more than me.
Loving my S21 Ultra and the offers accompanied with it.Smart Phone S21 Ultra - ✔Galaxy Watch Active 2 - ✔Galaxy Smart Tag - ✔Hope all S21 pre ordered guys here have claimed and received ur items.
Wow..Too fast DeliveryDelivered: Your Samsung order 11367959618 with Galaxy Watch Active2 (Aluminium) has been successfully delivered by our delivery agent. Time to celebrate! Powered By Shiprocket.No movement of Smart Tag yet.
Why am i not able to see few challenges.I get notification of Challenge #7 and #8 etc, but i couldn't actually see them to participate.Though i could participate in #2 and #6.Ofc, I am S21U owner-if it is the criteria.Anyone else noticed this.