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I was a Beta tester for S8!! Trust me, the official build is buggier than Beta versions. I was getting better performance on last Beta build.On sending feedback to Samsung service team, I got a standard reply from them, of no use.This final build see...
On my last road trip I carried my DSLR with 35mm prime lens and Galaxy S8+. To my surprise, I ended up clicking almost 300 plus pics on my phone and zero on my SLR. I feel technology and convenience of use of phones has really spoilt the SLR market.F...
Hi everyone!If you access the attached link, you will notice that FAQs are coming in three languages. This should mean that the Phase I will cover these three regions only. Pitch in your thoughts.
s8+ - Samsung Members app and samsung connect just got updated with latter one having support for Oreo. Possible signs on beta coming soon.