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Does Service Center repair second hand phones, which are out of warranty? Please let me know. The original owner purchased this Note9 in late 2018 while I purchased it from him in late 2020. I'm having a display screen issue where my display is all b...
Anyone else have this issue? The other person can't hear me if I talk in low voice from the bottom mic but can hear me crystal clear if I talk in low voice from top mic. Or is it actually supposed to be like this?I have no issue while talking in non-...
If you do know then please share. Phone's first call was made 18/9/2018 so it's fair to assume warranty expired in 18/9/2019? If you have any experience regarding this, please share. 
I'm using Samsung galaxy Note 9, the flagship of Samsung galaxy of 2018. It's a fantastic phone but Samsung has, recently been introducing updates which instead of improving the device stability and security have instead lead to issues of display, ov...