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Brief pop up settings do not work on all apps even when set for all apps. It works with a few.specific apps such as Hangouts, whatsapp, messaging and such. Anything specific needs to be done to get it working?
Smart View or screen casting to smart tv or other devices does not work. The phone cannot detect the other devices even when they are on the same network. I have posted a beta feedback. You may check at your end and submit the error report.
Anyone among you facing sudden call disturbances? Like disconnected calls... Or inability to listen to anyone calling you...Want to confirm whether this is an issue with my network or beta update. If this is due to software issue, will need to submit...
Why does my Galaxy M31 does not show the phone number on my About Phone screen?
Just checked the Nearby Share feature added on Galaxy M31. Not sure when it was added. But, checked the option for Button Reorder, and found the new option. Added to the array.