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It never leads slow like I'm using an app which stopped updating 10 years ago.Tidal music app version shows ages before as the current version is 2.20.Samsung should completely eliminate this store and stick to google play store.
One of the Android 10 features highlighted was fast and improve share option unlike Android 9. But it is still slow like it did in Pie.When it comes to share something it takes a good amount of time before it gives options
Spotify is available in both Play store and App store but it's still not available for Gear S3 watch!
Can anyone help me if One UI beta supports Pixel Launcher? Pixel launchers are way better than Samsung stock Launcher!
My Galaxy app is useless and pops up every time!!! I'm not able to unistall as this is a system app.. Please stop this app forever as this is the crappiest app ever!!!!