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Major Issue noticed in Active 2 LTE while receiving a phonecall

(Topic created on: 06-15-2021 02:28 PM)
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Folks I have been using an Active 2 LTE SM-825 for last 2 months now. I am using it with my Phone S20+ and Galaxy Live Earbuds.

While things have been ok for last 2  months recently i noticed a major issue and i checked with another user who mentioned he is facing it too.


1. If the watch is on LTE mode and you accept an incoming phone call on the watch, the call starts with the speaker and mic of the watch being used. So far ok.

2. Now if you then take your Samsung Ear Buds Live out of their case (which are already paired on Blue tooth with the watch earlier) in order to use them for this call which is going on, the Ear Buds connect via bluetooth and the call moves to the ear buds from the watch speaker and mic. So far still ok.

3. Now Within nearly 30secs to 1min if you are still on the call, the watch displays "Caution Watch Overheating and will go into Safe Mode"(or something like that). While the watch is not showing any signs of overheating from outside.

4. After this the call disconnects in 10 secs and the watch goes on a mode where everything is off like Wi-Fi, BT, LTE and it even does not display a watch face.

5. You need to then reboot the watch in order to make it work again.

This has happened with me on 2 calls and hence I am raising this concern. This really puts you in a bad spot as during that message you cannot move that call to your phone as this came in on an LTE connection and not Bluetooth and the Phone does not even know that you are on a call. Infact the call log on the phone also will not show this incoming call till you restart the watch, it connects on Bluetooth and syncs the call log.

Samsung you guys need to fix this big time as all devices are yours Watch/Phone/Headset......your Eco System is having interoperability issues within your own devices.

A user should be able to take an incoming call on the watch and move it to Blue tooth headsets and continue with the call till it is on(without any issues/time restrictions).


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Yes i also facing this issue