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Gear app not working on fold 4

(Topic created on: 01-06-2024 04:17 PM)
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Seems like a bug but gear app has stopped working and my galaxy watch 5 pro is not connecting to the phone. It shows it's connected but when I try to use find my phone or when a call or notification comes, nothing shows on the watch. 

Is anyone else facing this issue?
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If you're experiencing issues with the Gear app and the connection to your Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, you can try the following steps to troubleshoot:

1. **Restart Devices:**
- Restart both your smartphone and Galaxy Watch to ensure a fresh connection.

2. **Update Apps:**
- Make sure the Gear app on your phone and any related apps on your Galaxy Watch are updated to the latest versions.

3. **Bluetooth Connection:**
- Check if Bluetooth is enabled on both devices, and try disconnecting and reconnecting them.

4. **Check Permissions:**
- Ensure that the Gear app has the necessary permissions on your phone, especially for notifications and call access.

5. **Reset Connection:**
- In the Gear app, try disconnecting the watch and then reconnecting it.

6. **Reset Bluetooth Connections:**
- Clear paired devices on both your phone and watch, then pair them again.

7. **Check for Interference:**
- Ensure there's no interference from other devices or wireless signals that might affect the Bluetooth connection.

8. **Update Watch Firmware:**
- If available, check for firmware updates for your Galaxy Watch and install them.

9. **Factory Reset (as a last resort):**
- If all else fails, you may consider a factory reset on your Galaxy Watch, but make sure to back up important data first.

If the issue persists, it could be a bug, and you may want to contact Samsung support or visit an authorized service center for further assistance. Additionally, checking online forums or community discussions might provide insights if others are facing similar problems.
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Thanks a lot
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Do you mean Wearable app? Can you see the correct battery percentage of your watch in the Wearable app?
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Wearable app was not working but finally I uninstalled it and reinstalled, had to reset everything but it worked.
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Update the Galaxy Wearable App:
Ensure that the Galaxy Wearable app is up to date. Go to the Google Play Store, search for "Galaxy Wearable," and update the app if a new version is available.

Clear App Cache and Data:
Go to "Settings" on your device.
Select "Apps" or "Application Manager."
Find and select "Galaxy Wearable."
Tap on "Storage."
Clear the cache and data for the app.

Restart Your Device:
Restart your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. This can help in resolving temporary glitches.

Reinstall Galaxy Wearable App:
Uninstall the Galaxy Wearable app from your device.
Go to the Google Play Store, reinstall the app, and set it up again.

Check for Software Updates:
Ensure that your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is running the latest software version. Check for updates in "Settings" > "Software update."

Check Compatibility:
Confirm that your device is compatible with the version of the Galaxy Wearable app you're trying to install.

Check Bluetooth Connection:
Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device, and your Galaxy Z Fold 4 is paired with your wearable device.

Check Device Compatibility:
Confirm that your wearable device is compatible with the Galaxy Wearable app and your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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Thanks for this. I reset everything and updated the app and things are fine now