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Apps Gone

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hey I just restarted my phone after like 3 weeks and ALL MY APPS ARE GONE. I am not sure why this happened, and I am trying to retrieve them. Fortunately I have cloud storage so the files which could be saved, were saved. All others were just gone. F...

Post Update Issues in Note 9

Posted in: Galaxy Note

After the major update in Note 9 the RAM usage is a disaster. All the apps closes if I minimize. None of the apps give notifications despite turning of power saving and removing from sleeping apps. I have to open messages app to see the OTP send from...

samsung s4

Posted in: Galaxy S

Hi I'm a new visitor in uae Dubai I really do not know places please I speak a very good English I'm young smart handsome and a very good friend please anyone here in dubai that would want to help me out with tourist or we can message only tell me wh...

Al Director de Samsung Members

Posted in: Others

Estan desvirtuando los fundamentos sobre los que se ha basado siempre Samsung Members, que hasta hace poco, era un sitio para la familia, que un niño una niña lo podía ver y disfrutar con tranquilidad, comenzaron permitiendo que mujeres se ofrezcan c...

Posted by: paz1
Expert Level 4

Galaxy watch firmware update

Posted in: Wearables

Hi everyone, I just learned that any galaxy watch LTE version does not have a carrier number will not receive software updates unless you use a seperate carrier plan in your watch! How stupid is this Samsung! And after all the communications with Sam...