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What is Samsung Knox?

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Samsung Knox is a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices, and a mature suite of business solutions leveraging this platform, Secured by Knox. Built into Samsung mobile devices, Samsung Knox protects all your data - so ...

WiFi Calling Explained! 🔥

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Major telecom providers in India, Jio and Airtel have recently rolled out and enabled WiFi Calling services on a variety of devices. What is WiFi calling? How does it work? Does it affect your ongoing cellular plan? Well, I'm here to answer all those...

Issue with night mode in galaxy a50

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Recently i've noticed that my Samsung Galaxy a50 doesn't go completely black while in night mode. When i increase my brightness in completely dark places, i get to see that my pixels are not completely turned off. It is more like matte black. Has any...

features you want

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Lets try to mention the features we want from Samsung in coming devices.If these phone are called as Smartphone i will love to have to feature-That it should be that much smart it can cut off the chrging the battery by itself when it's already 100% c...

Posted by: aerry
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Battery Life

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Hi Team,Good day! I have purchased Samsung M40 and all going good with the product but I am very disappointed with the battery life. It would be great if the battery has given more than 3500mah.Thank you.

Posted by: ammilu
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