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Galaxy S20 has launched recently with some huge upgrades in the camera department. S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are the ones with that upgrades. S20 Ultra being the most popular of the three is packing an excellent hardware package. Despite all the hype and all the good specs S20 Ultra is the most criticized phone of the all. It has many software issues going on especially with that Exynos version. Bad battery life, throttling, heating issues are the main problems of the Exynos version. Looks like Samsung just changed the name of the processor with no upgrades. But Snapdragon version does not have the issues. But both the versions have autofocus issues and sometimes HDR issues. Samsung just recently launched three software updates to fix the autofocus issue of the camera. And it is good now not being perfect. So those who haven’t bought the S20 for Note 20 should know that what differences they are getting except the S pen. So the first difference comes with storage speeds. The S20 has UFS 3.0 storage and the Note 20 is coming with UFS 3.1 storage. Moreover it may come with One Ui 2.5. The camera though will remain same as they have made huge upgrades in that department. But hope they fix the software issues and make autofocus faster. Recently Note 20 plus has been caught in the Geekbench site with Snapdragon 865+. The smaller Note 20 has also been caught in the certification listing site with 4000 mah battery. There are also rumors about 5nm Exynos chip. Hope it comes with that as because Exynos 990 is a bad soc. Besides Note 20 they have also planned to launch the Galaxy Fold 2. It is coming with a punch hole display. There were early rumors that it will come with under display selfie shooter. But on a Tweet Samsung replied that this tech is not ready yet. But it is coming with top of the line specs with an S pen. Samsung will make 256 gigs model of it to make it a bit affordable.