We all have had experiences in which we had to walk outside of a building to get better cell coverage .VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi)which is popularly known as Wi-Fi calling is one of the best answers to this problem. 

So before I explain what Vo Wi-Fi is I will explain what VoLTE is, So VoLTE is basically a technology in which you’re calls are transferred through a LTE network (i.e. 4G network).So in case of VoWiFi you’re calls are being transmitted through a Wi-Fi connection. In simple terms, the feature will allow you to make normal calls using Wi-Fi when you are in places with low or no network signals 

This technology is now available on Airtel and Jio networks in India with the latest Android and Ios smartphones. 

To enable Wi-Fi calling on you’re Samsung device; 

Just pull down the notification toggle and you will find an option for enabling Wi-Fi calling 


Or you Can Just go into settings>Connections and enable Wi-Fi calling


If you’re Wi-Fi suddenly dies out, VoWi-Fi it will switch over to VoLTE and hence youre calls won’t be interrupted. 

VoWIFI is a technology which is Beneficial to both customers and network operators.
VoWiFi offers better quality calls compared to normal calling at all places where WiFi is available.
For telecom operators it helps them save a lot of money which is absolutely needed as all the telecom industry in India is collapsing at a very high pace.