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Three Basic function are missing in m51
1.Carrier Aggregation (Supported by 730g)
2.Edge Panel (c'mon it was on my decade old samsung note 3)
3.Internet speed indicator (No comment needed)
4. this phone comes with gorrila glass 3 so it's very fragile,and also back glastic is easily scrated (An basic Case would be appreciate)
5.No Spotify or Youtube premium in Benefits tab in samsung members application for M51 users. We Paid hefty amount for this device,it's there in some A series phone that costs less thatn m51

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1. as i told you before also not possible as module ignored by developer from bootloader of factory version so it locked from factory version ....2 .possible by software update, 3 . speedometer is not Samsung priority apps as it can installed by 3rd party internet speedometer lite, 4 .it's corning gorilla glass 3+ and may you don't know that corning 3 is more resistant than corning 5 according to moah scale measurements... 5. last 2 depending on offer which is going on and respectively shifted to another offer for another device 😎 and last but not least..... m51 is still a core device which is limited for all apps so don't expect all of the features of full ui in core devices .... Samsung is good company so definitely they are thinking best about your device to provide