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iOS shortcuts app is too powerful,

Like we can literally do anything.

Anything is possible with it.

I would say, Apple have more customisation than android with this single app...

We can make a mini iOS app in iPhone according to our requirement.

Both Samsung and Android made alternatives, but it's nothing compared to iOS shortcuts

Samsung > bixby routines 

Android > action blocks

I will give some small examples with ios shortcuts.

Ex: I can make an app, that can ask me a input and processes it and display an output.

EX2: I have 5 set of Instagram hashtags, 

So I made 5 buttons ..

So when I click a button named A , specific set of hashtags will get copied to my clipboard..

So with a single click on home screen, a specific set of hashtags get copied to my clipboard

Ex3: when I share a link to shortcut which I created, all the pictures in the website will automatically download and save to gallery.

Also iOS shortcuts allow, scripting..
Which anyone can do without any prior knowledge.

Some people made a shortcut to download a YouTube video and save it to iOS photos app with a single share!!!!!

So possibilities is limitless.

We can automate anything...

We can make a mini app.

[Best thing, we can add this shortcuts as an app in home screen]

Samsung, Kindly make a more powerful app than iOS shortcuts as soon as possible!!!!!

(Kindly repost, like, comment until Samsung see this)


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That's an impressive suggestion, +1