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Samsung one UI is great no doubt.
But Samsung is still not improving the experience of Mid - Range & Low - range users.
I have a list 📃 of Problems with ONE UI, also everone facing too. 
There is Still Ram Management problem 
Cached problem
Small Apps lags
Small app glitches 
Small UI glitches. 
Some lags in dialer
Some lags in camera. 
Much more....
Also with animations samsung needs more work to improve. 
Also if samsung adds small features that makes big smile on users face will be great. 
I have also a features list too 
At last updates 😔 

Samsung did not cares about it. Which it need more.

Still OnE Ui is best than other UI no doubts. 
But still needs lots of improvement. 
Love it. 
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yes 👍🏻