Expert Level 2
Android 10 one of the good features is DARK MODE. Key advantages of Dark Mode in comparison with the normal mode.

* First when we use long hours of normal mode the first discomfort is strained eyes. So the longer we use more strain on the eyes.

* During the night without blue light filter we find the strain is more.

* in a dark mode first advantage cuts white light of the background makes less strain on the eyes.

* Next is all colours stand out on black background which will be lively. 

* Reading in dark background with white letters is crisp even the font is small.

* videos are clear in a black background. 

Let us see how to activate the Dark Mode and how the screen looks in dark mode.


After the dark mode activate it changes like this.

The screen of the home screen becomes so lively  with colors stand out.
Community app becomes so colorful and readable with ease.


You can see from the screenshot how cool a dark mode is from whilst screen. 
 The clours also brighter on dark screen. 

So keep enjoying the Dark mode from the Android 10/ UI2.0 update.

If need any add up to this please comment below.