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Samsung isn’t going to wait for its next flagship smartphone to release the latest iteration of its custom Android skin. As things stand, the company is expected to release One UI 3.0 with Android 11, the next major Android OS upgrade that’s due to be released later this year.

One UI 3.0 will improve upon many of the features and enhancements that were introduced with One UI 2.5. It’s expected to be a substantial update itself so there’s a good chance that we may get some new features with One UI 3.0.

The current iteration of Samsung’s custom skin is One UI 2.5. It was released with the Galaxy Note 20 series and the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The arrival of One UI 3.0 isn’t synced with the release of a new flagship, it’s simply going to be made available for Samsung phones that get Android 11.

One UI 3.0 design and enhancements

One UI 2.5 was an exercise in refinement for Samsung. It didn’t really make any substantial changes to the look and feel of the custom skin. One UI 3.0 might do things a bit differently. It’s supposed to be a major upgrade, after all, so it’s possible that Samsung might bring some big UI changes.

Most of Samsung’s native apps will likely be updated as well with new functionality. We have seen the company do this in the past as well for new One UI iterations. Not much is known as yet about the new functionality, though, so expect news to trickle in soon.

One UI 3.0 features

One UI 2.5 didn’t make any major feature additions but it did improve upon some that were introduced with its predecessor. For example, the camera modes like Single Take have been improved, in addition to new filters and more.

Samsung hasn’t revealed anything about the new One UI 3.0 features as yet. That’s why many of its users are so excited for the One UI 3.0 beta. This will enable them to take the new software for a skin and also get to know all of the new features that are included in this update.

One UI 3.0 Camera features

Samsung improved some camera features with One UI 2.5 and we can expect further improvement in this department with One UI 3.0. Details are slim at the moment but it’s possible that the company might enhance Pro mode for both stills and video, offer support for video recording in more aspect ratios and maybe even sprinkle in new filters and AR effects.

One UI 3.0 release

Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy S20 lineup will be the first to receive Android 11 this year. The Android 11 update will definitely come with One UI 3.0. So even though it hasn’t provided a concrete release date as yet, we can say for sure that the next major upgrade for its custom skin is due before the end of this year.

The company is going to launch a public beta program for One UI 3.0 in the coming weeks. There are indications that the program’s launch may not be that far off. The beta program would enable users to get their hands on One UI 3.0 before it’s released to the public.

Samsung devices eligible for Android 11 will also get One UI 3.0. Since the company has recently updated its upgrade policy, some additional devices will be eligible for One UI 3.0 as well.

Source : SamMobile