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Jerky video

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I am using an App ''Yousician'' ob Samsung Tab A8 for training for piano. The app plays video of the music notes, which the user has to play in synchronism. The app provides an immediate feedback for the correctness of the notes and their timings. Th...

Samsung tab s6

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As the new update arrived for the Samsung tab s6...I can no longer use navigation gestures in landscape mode.. Is there any workaround... Let me know please.!!

a 10.5

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can we use this tablet a 10.5 LTE with s pen?and do we use bluetooth keyboards and mouse to control our tablet ? iam curious to know the solution.

Android 10 on Galaxy tab s6

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Finally !!!! UPDATE IS OUT!Almost everytime when I start to lose hope on samsung, they do a comeback.Really amp'd to try the new update.DO share if you got it / how's the experience with the new update.


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MY tab s6 has recently started charging super Fastly! What you don't believe me? Ok .See for yourself.It only takes 3 minutes to charge up by 1%. What a speed!At this rate it will only take little more than 5 hrs to completely charge.LOL xD.