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Reminders and notifications

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Hi, would it be possible to add a notifiction reminders for set programme targets in Samsung's health app. For example. I set a target of 14 Glasses of water. It would be great of the app would remind me with sound, notification on panel, icon badge ...

Posted by: Gabe
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impossible steps

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Hey guys, its 1st of the month so new together challenge woo! One thing... the day isnt over and the person in 1st place gas nearly 200000 steps to their name already!?! A marathon M-A-R-A-T-H-O-N is around 50000 steps, so how on earth iHas someone w...

Posted by: seang
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connection Problem

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Hi all,Resently, l bought Honor band 3 from Huawei I tried many time to connect it to Samsung Health application but I can not find the device .Please advise how to resolve this issue .


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Samsung Health comes with workout auto-detection. So when you're running or walking, Samsung Health can recognize your movement and track it on your devices.

Posted by: Joynts
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No friends after refresh

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Hello, my partner just signed up for s health... But no friends show up in the together list even after refreshing the page... Also it never asked the mobile number to activate the service.. Anyone can help?