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No friends after refresh

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Hello, my partner just signed up for s health... But no friends show up in the together list even after refreshing the page... Also it never asked the mobile number to activate the service.. Anyone can help?

Fitness Tracking

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I've found Samsung Health good for pedometer and heart rate functions, and with those third-party tie-ins, it can provide a lot of detail when it comes to fitness tracking stats, as long as it syncs reliably.

Posted by: aNB88
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Features of Samsung Health

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I love that my S8 has a heart rate monitor! I once saw a girl and I wanted to prove to her that my heart was beating really fast! I open samsung health and start the heart rate monitor! We dated for a year!

Walking Challenge - Set your Goal.

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Lets walk with Samsung Heath for a better Health Samsung Health tracks your activity , nutrition, stress, heart rate, sleep ,and delivers insights based on your progress.Lets spent a little time from your daily stressful day towards your health . Let...

Posted by: jetlin
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