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oneui 2.1 updates for samsung galaxy note 9

(Topic created on: 04-05-2020 06:17 PM)
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Hi all,
Shiya here...

I just login to some of the YouTube channels and I figured out that, really it is a bad news that I found there will be no one UI 2.1 updates for Samsung galaxy note 9. Feeling frustrated for spending around $1400 for this galaxy flagship device.

Samsung should be like apple which they provides 5 year software updation for their products.I am feeling so ashamed spending too much my investment on Samsung only for getting two years of software updates.
I am eagerly waiting to hear your opinion.so kindly update your opinion under my blog.
Thank you and peace out
 yours Shiya
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Hi shiya!
I know that is really a big shock for all S9 & N9 family users, But still I have some hopes that we will take it by the next month or so ..