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Samsung updates

(Topic created on: 08-20-2020 12:35 PM)
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Since samsung started the 3 years of updates, will it not pave the way of perhaps 5 years of updates like ios? The hardware of the device is quite capable of that,and samsung managed on their own to built the one UI layer on top of android,so why don't samsung appoint a person familiar with building custom roms and adopt what the pixel phones does,or built the custom roms as a samsung roll out with all the latest features of the the latest android development software,and combine it with a package that overclocks the ram of older devices that works exactly the same as an update,with the difference of tweaking the ram to do the same as the new devices and also embark in the latest apps of android and patch the software to work with samsung ,for example the gcam camera app that can also give samsung great software advantages.  When I had my galaxy tablet and my samsung phone,I managed to install a custom rom and use a patched version of the gcam,and until today with a single lense on my samsung s8 I took photo's with the gcam app that does not stand back for the iphone x . So I tried and tested it as a normal person,so how much more is a software engineer capable of . This is the only minor thing that holds samsung back,as the device is great,and will be even better with minor tweaks and custom roms coming from the company we already trust with our tech. Samsung we are waiting upon this, you guys can do this and why not,I think it's a trillion dollar opportunity!!