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Samsung developers

(Topic created on: 10-26-2022 09:47 AM)
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I guess this is not the right place to post this... But some features in Samsung's video/photo editor are wrongly placed (in wrong category) For instance photo editing features like smoothness, tone and especially, spot removal tools are place under face effects. 
The problem with that is one cannot remove a spot in a photo without a human face in it. And a lot of their use cases doesn't have a face... I had to install a third party app (Google's) when I didn't have to (if samsung developers really understood how those tools work) 
Note! I think Samsung developers are usually ahead... With lots of cool features like dex, file or clipboard sharing across devices, image to text, expert raw, smart switch, stylus... But some times, they are not well presented giving room for other developers (like Google) to reintroduce them years later, with no improvement besides better presentation which samsung sometimes trivialise. 

Developers with much better presentation or in this case, the right category will get more followers or applaud