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oreo for s7 edge

(Topic created on: 11-04-2018 08:04 PM)
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I have s7 edge sm935fd and still not recieve oreo update why?somebody help me plz....

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Dear Sir,

i brought s7 edge phone on 08.11.2017 at Eureka Store, Salmiya, Kuwait (Invoice # 030-100-10001/41935).

exactly one year I used this phone, on 08.11.2018 at 12:00 midnight this phone shut down without any reason.

i went to salmiya showroom, they are advised to go to Wahran Co. at Hawally Area, in Wahran Co. there took Three Kuwaiti Dinar for open phone. not satisfied any service. there are asking 70 Kuwaiti Dinar for service.

This phone working only one year. Totally i''m mind failed for this phone.

I think samsung products better than other products. but, that is not true.

Thanks for your unsatisfactory and failure products.

I brought this phone on 8.11.2017 with year warranty. After one year completing the phone was totally off.

Phone original price 195.000 Kuwaiti dinar after discount I paid 135.000 Kuwaiti dinar.

For one year I spend for 135 KWD without mobile line and Internet (every month 11.250 plus mobile + internet)

I'm low salary person, how I will able to spend 20 KWD for phone only?

This is very much loss for my financial life.

I received call from UAE Samsung office, the spokesman advised to pay 70 KWD for repair. I refused this unusefull offer.

Kindly note that,

1. Exchatly after one year your product was shut downed. Your products quality for one year only.
2. I'm only using this phone, I'm not giving to my wife also.
3. No any fault and falls down any where and any time.
4. I purchased this phone with my two month salary.
5. I paid three KWD (my one day salary) to open your product in your service center to look what's happen in phone.
6. Also advised to pay 70 KWD to repair (my one month salary)
7. Kuwait service center staff broken SIM card slot.
8. I think that, the technician was broken mother board. But, they are told already broken, how it was happen.
9. All things (from buying until switched off) shown your products quality which very very bad manufacturing, assembling and servicing to customers, also these against for Islamic law and humanity.

Anyway, if you stand in my situation you will be know the fact.

So, kindly return my mobile with new motherboard or new mobile without any cost.

Thanks for your responsibility and customer support.

Abdul Bari khaleel
+965 97872482