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Voice focus in not working on WhatsApp calls and Voice messages

(Topic created on: 05-14-2024 10:59 AM)
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Voice focus is not working on WhatsApp calls and WhatsApp Voice message
S24 is powerful enough to handle ANC or voice isolation even with 3rd party airpods 

If this is not solved real soon as for me I'll be forced to go back to apple even though I don't want to but smart phones mandatory thing is calls and messages 
But if that's worse as it is I think no point on just holding a huge smartphone as S24 ultra if it can't do a clear call and messages 
Samsung have to work harder on call and messaging Quality
And I am shocked they have to start only now or after at some point

I ll suggest everyone reading this to try out iPhone 14 or above with or without airpods and you can decide for your self

That includes galaxy s engineering team as well 
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As of now, voice assistant works only on Google meet and samsung phone app. In future samsung may bring update to support WhatsApp call.... plz hold tight till then....
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As of now i triedo only with s24 ultra
I am in an IT feild so i have to switch entire echo that includes
Smartphone Smarthome and wearable
The basic is call 📞 and messaging if that doesn't work properly it's useless to carry the flagship
All the customization and options that galaxy provide is great but still it is secondary things