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One UI 4 Breaks S20+ 5G (SM-G986B/DS)

(Topic created on: 01-16-2022 03:16 PM)
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Beware - I updated my S20+ 5G (SM-G986B/DS) to the new One UI 4.0 this morning, OTA.  The phone is basically unstable and nearly unusable at this point.  Half the apps don't open (including the Samsung Member's app - I'm sending this from a laptop instead).  Turning on airplane model causes a reboot.  WhatsApp stopped working (wont send or receive messages), and did a half-dozen other apps (including Instagram). 

As I see it, there's two options: factory reset and attempt a firmware downgrade, or wait for Samsung to fix this unstable release.  Thankfully I still have my S10 hanging around.  Might need to use that for a day or two until these bugs are worked out.

But my advice for all S20+ users: Do not update until a patch is released.  I'm a longtime Samsung fan who was planning to get the Z fold in April - but this has me very nervous.  Releasing an untested and buggy update OTA and rendering devices useless is reckless. 

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Yes we also having so many issues samsung can't sort out the issues and they acting like everything is running good .
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I have also updated to android 12 in my S20FE, although the system is not completely stable, all works perfectly fine for me.
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Sometimes a hard reset is required after an upgrade