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Transcribe and Summarize your Meetings with Galaxy AI!

(Topic created on: 06-04-2024 05:35 PM)
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Galaxy S
The Samsung Galaxy S24 series (and now available on older models) introduces a powerful AI feature called Transcript Assist, which is designed to transcribe and summarize voice recordings. This feature is part of the Galaxy AI suite and can handle multiple speakers, making it ideal for transcribing meetings, lectures, and other audio recordings.

Here's how it works:

1. Transcription: Open the Voice Recorder app, select your recording, and tap the Transcribe button. Choose the language of the recording, and the app will generate a text transcript.

2. Summarization: After transcription, you can view a summary by tapping the Summary tab. This provides a concise overview of the key points in the recording, saving you time and effort.

These features are particularly useful for converting lengthy audio into manageable text and summaries, enhancing productivity and accessibility. Additionally, the transcripts and summaries can be shared or added to Samsung Notes for further editing and use.