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S23 Ultra Hotspot issue

(Topic created on: 11-17-2023 07:46 PM)
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Dear friends hope all are doing well. Just wanted to know if there is any issues with Hotspot connection after the recent November 1 security patch. I am having frequent disconnections when I try to connect other devices using s23u Hotspot. Pls advise. 
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If you’re having trouble using mobile data, there may be an issue with your cell coverage or with the settings. Check out the guide below to troubleshoot your issue.

Check if Mobile data is enabled on your device
First, check if Mobile data is enabled on your device.

Step 1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
Step 2. From the menu, check if Mobile data is on.

Force restart your device
If Mobile data is enabled but you are still encountering issues, try force restarting your device.

Press Volume down and Side key to turn off device
Step 1. Turn off your device by holding down both the Volume down key and Side key simultaneously, then selecting Power off.

Press and hold Volume down and Side key
Step 2. After the screen turns off, press and hold the Volume down key and Side key simultaneously.

Release key once Samsung logo appears
Step 3. Once the Samsung logo appears on screen, release the keys.


Your data and files will be preserved even if you force restart your device.
Volume and Side key locations may vary depending on the device model.

Reset network settings
If your mobile network connection is unstable and you cannot use mobile data, try resetting your network settings.

General management settings
Step 1. Go to Settings and select General management.

Select Reset
Step 2. Select Reset.

Select Reset network settings
Step 3. Select Reset network settings.

Tap Reset settings
Step 4. Check the on-screen information and tap Reset settings.

Tap Reset
Step 5. Tap Reset.


Please note that resetting your networks will reset your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other network settings.
Resetting network settings causes the APN address to reset

If the issue still persist, we kindly request you to submit an error report to our dedicated technical team. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated. Please follow the outlined steps below to initiate the error reporting process:

Long press the Samsung Members icon on the Apps screen and Tap Error reports.
Tap OK on the agreement popup to send system log data.
Select Symptom category.
Describe the problem in detail and SEND.